Going away this summer?  These awesome free travel apps could save you load of time and tons of money!

Hipmunk- (iOS, Android)-

Hipmunk offers travelers a quick and easy alternative to online flight and hotel searching. Once you‘ve entered your destination, unlike many online searches; Hipmunk doesn’t just show you the cheapest flight; instead the app incorporates important travel factors like flight duration and layovers, to provide you with the best overall result. A simple comparison table allows the user to tailor their flight requirements through various filters. The app even allows you to bookmark saved flights on your smartphone and then continue the booking online. The quick and easy interface makes the additional feature of hotel searching even easier. By turning on maps, the user is able to view the best hotels to stay in based on unique interests like food, landmarks and nightlife. This app saves you loads of time and money.Plus, who doesn’t love a cute chipmunk in a pair of flying goggles?

Hipmonk App Travel Hotel Flights Money GlobalHipmonk App Travel Hotel Flights Money Global  






UNlike City Guide-  (iOS, Android,Windows Phone)-

Unlike Hipmonk App Travel Hotel Money Global City GuideUnlike Hipmonk App Travel Hotel Money Global City GuideThe Unlike app is the perfect guide to making  the most out of your holiday.  From high-end restaurants and galleries to underground bars and clubs; this app connects users with hundreds of unique and exciting places in 20 cities worldwide. Once a destination is searched or found around you, the app has the handy option to directly email, call, direct or link to the company’s website straight from your smartphone. In addition, you can build a collection of your favourite places, create guides and even share your discoveries with friends.  This app is quick, simple and perfect for the alternative city sightseer.


Airbnb- (iOS, Android)-

Airbnb App Travel Hotel Money GlobalAirbnb App Travel Hotel Money Global From a ‘cosy cave’ to a ‘luxury treehouse’,  Airbnb has it all. This app discovers out of the ordinary accommodation from around the world; making it the ideal instrument for the adventurous traveller. With over 30 000 cities and 192 countries on its books; just like our global currency card, this app is perfect for worldwide use. The quick and easy interface allows the user to search unique properties in specific locations or discover convenient lodging around them. The best feature is the ‘help I need a place tonight!’ option, which finds available accommodation nearby so you’re never without a place to kip. In terms of safety, the travel app allows you to check out user profiles, exchange reviews and message prospective hosts. Airbnb is not only a terrific money saving tool but it could find you the perfect alternative place to catch some z’s.


Foodspotting- (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)- 

Foodspotting Food Review App Travel GlobalFoodspotting Food Review App Travel GlobalAlong with the occasional ‘selfie’ and sunset snaps; we all love to take pictures of our food. Foodspotting has taken this trend and used it to create a visual guide to good food. Unlike many cuisine apps, Foodspotting publishes reviews on specific dishes rather than the restaurants themselves. In addition, there are no negative criticisms, instead food lovers enjoying the best dishes a city can offer is priority. It is very easy to navigate; users simply look up a location or scan their surrounding area for the perfect dish. You can follow friends, fellow foodspotters and experts and bookmark the dishes you have ‘tried’, ‘want’ and ‘loved’. This mobile travel app provides the user with a visual menu of 1000s of spectacular dishes;an essential element for perfect holiday dining.

Google Goggles- (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)-

googlegoggles (2)

Google Goggles is all about discovering your soundings. As a visual search app, it connects the  user with the things around them. It’s so simple to use; just take a picture of an object and Google’s software provides you with the key info. The app works best with buildings, paintings and text; making it an ideal travel app. From translating a tricky Greek menu to recognising Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces, Google has it covered. As expected the goggles don’t work on all objects (e.g. cars, natural landmarks) but as we all know the guys at Google are faster than Usain Bolt when it comes to software development, so I doubt it will be long before they have it down to a tee.

  Happy Travels!

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